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Updating statistics microsoft sql server 2016

It is great to know each partition can contain up to 200 steps to form a histogram.However, SQL Server do not use this partition level statistics in Cardinality Estimate (CE).Existing index or column statistics will not be affected by this database option.You will have to manually set the existing statistics to be an incremental statistics on the partitioned table. Now that incremental statistics is enabled on CX_Sales_Customer Transactions, we can update the index statistics at the partition level.

In a very large partitioned table, updating table statistics requires to sample rows across all partitions and the statistics reflects the data distribution of the table as whole.

If you are maintaining a very large database, you might be well aware of the pain to perform update statistics on a very large table.

This article introduces incremental statistics which is available from SQL Server 2014 highly simplifies statistics management on very large partitioned tables.

This sounds like a common scenario and now you can manage this scenario efficiently using Incremental Statistics which is built-in on SQL Server 2014 and onwards.

Prior to SQL Server 2014, the similar workaround to maintain partition specific statistics is to create filtered statistics for each partition manually and update the specific partition statistics.

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