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Have you ever gotten sucked into something that you were also ashamed to read? I was listlessly checking my email when I noticed a text ad that I must have seen more than 10,000 times. The worst mistake a woman can make is not seeking help.

“How to catch and keep a man.” Those ads are as oddly ubiquitous as the text link ads for Acai Berry Wonder Diets, but I always assumed that ads with links like “Why Men Withdraw and What to Do About It” were for women who are more pathetic and malleable than me. Because men are so hard to understand, and Christian Carter has spent years reading every relationship book ever published, and he has thought deeply about the psychology of men and women when they are dating. So sign up and give him your credit card for his e-book at a price of .97 and his emails (interviews with relationship and dating experts) at a monthly charge of .97.

I looked at one of the walkthroughs, which referred to spending the night with less than the highest score, but this seems illogical. " -IGN50 [maybe 49] get you ending 3 ending 4 for a range of ~20 to ~48 not clear yet if ending 1 vr ending #2 is passion score related or how one fail out of the higher scoring path. have not done all the sequences and explored all the combinations with earlier chooses suspect but have not shown that there is no additional play to discover still the number of plausible paths to additional game play is intriguing.

I think that a M/F, F ending would be very stimulating. may go on to checking these out less entertaining play option latter it is possible to be overly aroused at the 1st meeting and thus to fail out. say the right per-meeting options then selecting the appropriate exit from making out.

She’s been reading him for longer than me, so I’ll let her do the heavy lifting of distilling his advice: One of my friends suggested I register at his website.

Since then, I’ve been getting extremely annoying emails about how to “CATCH and KEEP” a man, like he’s a freakin’ trout or something. Don’t sleep with a guy “too soon” (time frame not included–so just guess) 2.

The better F/F scenarios are quite arousing, but even though I can routinely accumulate a score of 59, I have yet to figure out how to play so that Nicole agrees to spend the night with Roxy. " -Robert Rowley (That`s me) "It`ll take your hooking skills to the next level. a) Suck her cock: 3 b) Ask her again to remove it - i. there is a branching in play if Nicole dominates after refusing to be tied up this has no apparent effect on the ending earned as have gotten #3 and # 4 after in the make out session on the bed have gotten a maximum of 4 actions three seem to allow a next action all the rest, so far lead to exiting making out on the bed.Visuals and animations were hot and stunning, and though there wasn`t much to the story, still quite exciting. Love this game, something about girl on girl action is so hot. Love the story line and the idea about it, wish was a little longer with some more scenes but very good.Keep working on it and improving graphics and animation. just a little twist here and there to give you diff ending. I wish there were some more characters and/or scenes, but it is OK enough for what it is..It makes me wonder if pre-industrial societies had it right when men and women didn’t expect their mates to be their best friends, and instead found companionship with same-sex friends 2) The way that women get blamed simply for being women and having some emotional needs to–guess what? According to Carter, men want to be with a “cool girl” and a “cool girl is basically someone who is unpredictable, fun, emotionally balanced, has no insecurities, easygoing, and independent.” Ummm, is this true? This marketing campaign is obviously aimed at a very mainstream, middle American audience.Are there really that many men who prefer not to deal with emotions at all?

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I could see this was a psychological master who knew how to manipulate an audience.

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