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This was immediately after they’d declined to debate gun control.Note that it wasn’t that they declined gun control, but they declined to even debate it.I don’t want to put people off with a rant or alienate readers who don’t share my views.Yet, I think we might have now reached a point in the US where the politicians are so stupid, it almost doesn’t matter what side you’re on. After the recent tragic Florida school shooting, The Florida House of Representatives leapt swiftly into action – by declaring pornography a public health risk.

” She believed, she hoped, Hammer was only bluffing. Certainly such a fine-looking woman wouldn’t let something like this happen to another woman right in front of her! “She’s a stubborn little bitch,” Glenda said coldly. let me do it.” There was no sign of mercy in Glenda’s face. “Makes it conduct better.” The grease was smeared on. They would betray their friends, tell secrets, promise to be good in the future. She stared in fascination at the innocent-looking metal rod. It was about an inch and a half thick and two feet long. It was a magic wand that made people do whatever the French wanted them to do. “Let’s give the little bitch a light jolt to make her realize we mean business,” Glenda said coldly. When it comes to guns – things that are hard to make, not copyable, difficult to ship across borders and can’t be stored in a million different ways – well there’s no point legislating control of those.Again, I don’t think it matters where you stand on the actual issues here, but the cognitive dissonance involved is incredibly.

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Essentially there’s no point legislating control, because people will always find a way around.