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Short and sweet dating profile examples

That is EXACTLY the metaphor I use for private clients in describing the “tone” you want to capture in your initial contact.You’d never hit on a guy at a bar by walking up to him and telling him that he’s cute, he seems nice, and that you’d like to buy him a drink.Remember--the reader may look at hundreds of resumes, so provide a reason why your application deserves unique attention.Example: "Springfield Engineering will benefit from a young, yet experienced person with the skills and desire to pioneer new solutions to modern problems." Dave Koenig has written professionally since 2005.In a competitive field, a well-crafted personal profile could make a crucial difference and lead to a successful application.

So yes, Jane, don’t hesitate to contact that guy you’ve been eyeing. ” Presuming you’ve had a man write to you before, is it really all that interesting when he tells you that he thinks you’re cute?There is nothing inherent about initiating an email conversation that screams out “desperate”. Where most women screw up that first email contact is by taking one of two approaches: 1) telling him how great he is, or 2) explaining why you’re great and why he should write back to you. Is there something particularly energizing in the phrase, “I think we have a lot in common”?Is it really all that intriguing when he explains why he’s a good partner for you, even though you haven’t met?Even if a guy reads your entire profile and respond to one specific line, do you really get excited by a man who says, “I notice you like skiing. Then why would you write an email like that to a man?I’m really grateful, Jane, that you made that connection between a first email and a come-hither look at a bar.

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