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Darkcavern chat missing

"Seems we have similar taste, as it were." Aeron sips some more of the beer, and it becomes apparent that he is not used to imbibing.Through his stubble, his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.When Gundren left Liuailo sunk in his chair a little more and kept an eye on the door.

"Not much else to say about me."Liuailo Galanodel While Gundren was going over the details of the job, Liuailo nodded his head but did not speak.Once inside, you find Gundren at a long wooden table near the back.The dwarf is joined by his warrior companion who he introduces as Sildar Hallwinter, and soon you find that five others received letters identical to yours.Meet me tonight, an hour after sundown, at the Driftwood Tavern and make ready to set out at dawn.~Gundren Roughly an hour after sundown you make your way through the winding city streets to a courtyard near the Coriol Street Gate.

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But then disaster struck when the orcs swept through the North and laid waste to all in their path.