Spore updating content database crash

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In this instance it wouldn’t take much additional information for the 53 people here being publicly mocked by Netflix for their Netflix viewing habits to be identified as the likely subjects of ridicule by their family or friends, for instance.

Really it’s just a horrible situation for any business to have created.

Powering individual recommendations via its recommendation engine is just one example of why it’s useful for Netflix to watch what you watch — so that it can surface other content you might like to see. Instead Netflix has given us a glimpse of a very cavalier attitude to privacy which raises serious questions about how or even whether the company limits employee access to user data and individuals’ viewing habits.

Even anonymized data — if that’s truly what it was in this case, as its follow up tweet claims — can be re-identified pretty easily.

The second rule of surveillance capitalism is you definitely don’t talk about surveillance capitalism if you’re actually taking cold hard cash from users of your product — i.e.

not simply charging them via your ability to rinse their likes and dislikes out of their personal data to fuel your ad-targeting engine.

In 1969, a number of local RAF technicians were released to join the fledging SADC.

Prior to then, Singapore had depended completely on Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) for its air defence, while the newly established Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) had concentrated its efforts mainly on building up the Singapore Army.

The predecessor to the RSAF, the SADC, was formed in September 1968.

Robust systems for encrypting, storing and provisioning access to user information to minimize risk are the very minimum paying customers should be able to expect.

But businesses that want to avoid a Netflix-type snafu would do well to also invest liberally in privacy awareness training for all employees — to make it abundantly clear that being a creep is never cool.

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The subsequent arrival of the BAC Strikemasters in 1969, used for advanced phase flying training, meant that pilot trainees were now able to earn their initial wings locally rather than overseas.

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