Classmates dating site

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Classmates dating site

When I flip through channels on a boring Saturday afternoon, I’ll sometimes check out the show High School Reunion on TV Land (check your local listings!

) In the show, a group of former real-life high school classmates are set up in a beautiful beach house in Hawaii for a 20 year reunion, and the sparks fly where they may, so to speak.

It’s much easier and cost effective to “reunite” in cyberspace. There are a lot of advantages to dating a classmate, or at least someone from the same high school. Whether it’s some of the same teachers, hangout spots (the library and nurse’s office were popular ones in my school), or traditions, once you connect, you can laugh about old times or dig out the yearbooks and groan at the bad perms and clothes from the time.

I know that I’ve caught up with people that I thought I’d never hear from again, and most of my friends who belong to these sites say the same thing. The guy I am currently seeing graduated in the ‘80’s, so we’ve had a lot of fun taking trips down memory lane and talking about the similarities and differences in our high school experiences.

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Also, many couples who meet offline often use the Internet to "Google stalk" and find out additional information about their partners.

With so many options, you might be one Skype call or DSL line away from your next online dating adventure.

You do have full permission to link to this article.So it’s rare and special to find the person who can look past your high school self and fall for the person you are now. If you have reconnected with former classmates and it seems like something may develop with someone in particular, go with it.Finding a common ground is very important, and not everyone gets a second chance with someone from the past.(I think we all know what she really meant—“No way in hell! I think most of us can name at least one crush from high school.”) I can’t speak for the poor guy, but it seemed like it was 20 years ago and he was getting rejected for the very first time. There’s always that one special person who somehow got away, yet you can probably still remember them by name and at least one trait that you thought was adorable back then.

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The Band Geek has come a long way in the past 20 years—bulked up physically, for one thing—and he seemed pretty confident about the evening.

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