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Ben dating colorado new york

As the new bachelorette Kaitlyn has already started her journey, Chris gets the first kiss of the season. gets the first impression rose and kisses Kaitlyn as well.

In the middle of the rose ceremony Kaitlyn is pulled aside by Brady, who tells her he is eliminating himself because he is in love with Britt. do not received roses during the rose ceremony, and are sent home.

Tony complains to Kaitlyn that these aggressive dates are not his style, and declines to play. They have to teach a sex education class and become substitute teachers, for students who turn out to be a group of child actors. Based on this advice and his reaction to it, she eliminates him. Kaitlyn decides to cancel the rose ceremony and Chris Harrison announces that the next stop is New York City.

First Group Date: Shawn B., Corey (NY), Ryan B., Justin, JJ, Tanner, Ben Z. They have to write and perform a rap under the tutelage of Doug E.

At the end of the episode, the credits are in, and Brady knocks to see Britt in her hotel room. He and Kaitlyn do an underwater photo shoot and they share a first kiss underwater.

First Group Date: Ben Z., Daniel, Corey (NY), Justin, Kupah, Tanner, Jared and Ben H. hits Jared hard, causing Jared to have to go to the hospital. Kaitlyn says Clint brings out her romantic side and she gives him a rose on the date. steals Kaitlyn away immediately, which upsets the other men. Meanwhile, Brady visits Britt and they go out on dates together. Kaitlyn overhears Kupah's tirade and goes outside to send him on his way.

showing up in a hot tub car, impressing both ladies.Week 4 Rose Ceremony: Corey (NY), Jonathan and Ryan B. They sent to Majestic Theatre for a cinematic sunset, and Ben H. Group Date: Nick, JJ, Joshua, Jared, Ben Z., Ian, Justin, Tanner and Chris.They were greeted by Sebastian De La Cruz, a mariachi superstar along with his band, and they to have to write and sing a song.The men have a chance to talk to Nick and convey their concerns about his arrival. He will meet Kaitlyn at Gruene Hall (outside of San Antonio) and have to learn the Texas Two-Step dance to perform the stage with line of local judges.This is followed by a cocktail party in a suite at Citi Field and a rose ceremony near the pitcher's mound. They struggled the dance in the second round, and graciously improved in the following round where they do encore dancing.

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The week continues with Chris Harrison revealing the results for the next bachelorette.