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Adult chat room pics

In this way, you can control who may enter your room by who you tell the lockword to.

If you do not specify a lockword, the chat room is open to everyone.

Locked chat rooms are limited to a maximum of 5 (five) users.

The only exception to this is locked room which are also 'premium rooms', which will hold their stated capacity locked or unlocked.

They are differentiated from room admins by having their nickname appear in red in addition to having the @ sign.

Your group appears in the category of your choice but also appears in a 'root' category.

There is a monthly fee for this service which varies with the maximum amount of people allowed in your chat room at any one time.

Group admins You may allow an unlimited number of people to 'admin' your room with you.

When you create the group you can add people to a list under the 'manage admins' tab in the group setup area.

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Read this document carefully to make sure you understand your responsibilities before continuing.