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Most of us know that the piles of laundry and stacks of paper will never completely go away. And come up with some ideas ahead of time, so that you’re not stuck asking each other, “What do you want to do? But I do think I’m learning to really listen to my wife. When I look into her eyes and remain attentive to the things she wants to tell me about her day, about her struggles, about her joys, it deepens the bond between us. But make sure there’s margin for intentional, face-to-face time with your wife.

We’ve seen some folks who, even with several kids, are able to remain extremely organized. So it’s important for us to remove ourselves from the home periodically. Show her your love by making sacrifices to keep those date nights alive.

Here are six specific ways you can take the lead in making those intentional times together a reality — and a joy. And then say no to a few things, even if it means lagging behind the Joneses. Sometimes we will watch our wedding video (which has now made the journey from VHS to DVD to MP4).

To have intentional time with your wife, it’s best that you both be awake and alert. And you may be significantly involved with your church family. But if your career goals, hobbies, children’s activities, and church calendar are running you (and your wife) ragged, then something needs to change. Other times we’ll leaf through a photo album or watch short i Movie projects I’ve made of special trips we have taken.

Exhaustion is a common hurdle, especially for moms. Of course, it’s not just young kids that contribute to a couples’ exhaustion. We need some realism in our planning in order to safeguard the margin we need to have intentional times together. If a text message appears on the screen, a phone call comes through, or if the television is on, it will be hard to really focus on one another.A messy house might also be a hindrance to intentional time together.If your entire house is covered in piles of laundry and stacks of papers, and the kids have left their Legos all over the place, that’s going to make it difficult to focus on each other. And you can’t look at your phone or the television or a book all the time.But what if we defined “date night” by having This is an area in which we as husbands can grow to be more loving and sacrificial leaders.And as we do, our marriages will grow stronger and sweeter.

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Remember the thought and energy you put into planning dates to be romantic and fun. But the attentiveness and intentionality should never go away.

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