Intentional stock backdating

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The only difference between an Oath and an Affirmation is the fact that you are using the word SWEAR in an OATH and DECLARE in an AFFIRMATION.Both are equally binding, meaning that if it is found out later that the signer lied to the Notary, the signer will be charged with Perjury on either administration.The subject matter of the amendments, corporate governance of TSX listed issuers, is a central issue for shareholders concerning the management of the companies in which they invest and concerning stakeholder confidence in our capital markets.

(bc IMC, CCGG, CPPIB, Hermes, Kenmar, NEI, PIAC, PSP, OTPP) Not in a position to comment on the appropriateness of TSX to pursue the proposed amendments, but supportive of the amendments.carrying or possessing a firearm or other dangerous weapon, making or possessing burglars instruments, buying or receiving stolen property, unlawful entry of a building, aiding escape from prison, drug-related offenses and vagrancy or prostitution; (Executive Law, 130)The document owner, not the Notary certifies the copy.The custodian makes a photocopy of the original document; makes a written statement about the trueness, correctness and completeness of the copy; signs that statement before a Notary; and takes an oath or affirmation regarding the truth of the statement The first time you are appointed everything goes to the Secretary of State, thereafter your re-appointment will go to the County Clerk where you reside.(CCGG) Canadian securities regulators have been largely inactive over the last 10 years.(Davies) There is an important role for TSX in corporate governance matters.

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A notary public who has qualified and filed a certificate of official character in an additional county, must also affix to each notarizing instrument their second official number and County in black ink.[Fact #46]Acts performed by notaries public and commissioners of deeds dealing with official certificate & other acts, shall not be deemed invalid, impaired or defective if they are questioned for defects under the following circumstances: The term conveyance includes every written instrument, by which any estate or interest in real property is created, transferred, mortgaged or assigned, or by which the title to any real property may be affected, including an instrument in execution of power, although the power be one of revocation only, and an instrument postponing or subordinating a mortgage lien; except a will, a lease for a term not exceeding three years, an executor contract for: postponement or subordination of a mortgage lien, lease less than or equal to three years, executory contract to sell or purchase land and an instrument allowing an agent or attorney to convey real property on behalf of the owner.

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