Korean adoptees dating koreans

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Bella Dalton, the group's cofounder, estimates that nearly 10,000 children were adopted.Yun Kang-mo, a policy director at South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, acknowledges that in the past, biracial Koreans were "neglected" by the government when the country was very poor and "did not have the resources to care for them".The word "multicultural" is now used to describe families where at least one parent is not Korean.Today, the vast majority of "multicultural" children are the offspring of the tens of thousands of Southeast Asian and Chinese women who come to South Korea as marriage migrants.He adds that this racism became apparent in the 1950s as the United States began stationing soldiers in South Korea.

The number of multi-ethnic persons is expected to reach 300,000 by 2020, up from 40,000 a decade ago, government statistics show.Children "who have foreign mothers are bullied and are outcasts at their schools," says Jolly Regacho, 43, a volunteer at the Asan Migrant Centre, 86km south of Seoul, where she works with many migrant brides from Indonesia, Vietnam and her native Philippines.She explains that because of its connotation with migrant women from less developed countries, the word "multicultural" has become synonymous with "poor".Instead, it's the result of a late 19th-century German concept of citizenship that was first adopted by Imperial Japan then reappropriated by Korean nationalists during Japan's colonial rule of the peninsula.The "uniqueness and purity of a Korean bloodline and nation" are "at the core" of the South Korean state and "mixed blood" people are believed to "contaminate the purity of the Korean nation", Shin says.

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