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Any examination of religious art depicting the crucifixion of Jesus shows the nail prints in the palms of the hand.

However, the Turin Shroud shows the nail marks at the lower part of the hand into the wrist.

However, if the Shroud is authentic, it adds further weight to the Christian’s claim.

There is no way to conclusively prove or disprove the Shroud.

When examining the cloth, researches have noted that the blood appeared before the image.

The Turin Shroud researchers have adopted the slogan “blood first, then image” to describe the Shroud.

The front and the back of the crucified man is shown, the front on one end of the cloth and the back on the other end with the head meeting towards the middle.A person can still see the marks on the Shroud where it was damaged.It is now widely accepted that the fibers tested in 1988 came from the nuns’ repair work.Of these twenty-eight plants, twenty-three are flowers, three are small bushes, and two are thorns. Twenty grow in Jerusalem itself, and the other eight grow potentially within the close vicinity of Jerusalem, either in the Judean Desert or in the Dead Sea area or in both.All twenty-eight would have been available in Jerusalem markets in a fresh state” (Whanger and Whanger, Duke.edu, 2015).

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By Brian Chilton| The Shroud of Turin is perhaps one of the most controversial artifacts of all-time.

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