Dendrochronology is an example of what kind of dating

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The first report of Irish plants to go into print appears to be that of Richard Heaton, a British cleric posted to Ireland in 1630.By this time the country was well under Britain’s thumb, so much of the work that follows was done by Anglo-Irish or British botanists.

When I met the Trinity herbarium’s present keeper, John Parnell, he emphasized that Harvey did many of his own illustrations, even to the point of making the engravings, because he wanted to insure the accuracy of what went into print.

Sherard studied Irish plants and eventually became professor of botany at Oxford.

He was a friend of another Irishman, Thomas Molyneux, who acquired a herbarium created by the 17-century pharmacist Antoni Gaymans.

Several chapters deal with the history of Irish nature study, noting that the first written accounts date from a St.

Augustin (not century; some of the information there may have come from natives.

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Harvey’s work is magnificent, but it is not among the few botanical illustrations reproduced in the book, which is generally short on images.

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