Dating plenty fish reviews what type of radiation is used in carbon dating

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never feed into the illusion it just makes them more picky er take a look at my profile its offensive, rude but i kid you not it makes em laugh or challenge em and with it i changed my response rate from 1/10 to 7/10 and out of those 7 ill get 5 numbers and out of that ill sleep with at least 1 or 2 ..i used to write a boring bio blah blah and got shit you have to make your self seem different and that you have standards trust me use my profile as an example ..There's guys and girls here that hve been here a while, gained some experience and try sharing that in a constructive manner. I find that the maker of POF is to controlling and the site I signed up for and paid for 3 months is not the same site. It's like asking car advice from someone who's never seen a car before. Just recently I've been able to get one woman to actually engage me in conversation. I can't speak for every female on this site but I'm speaking as a female on this site.Then there are those that will get personal and angry that you criticise the site. Why would these people get offended that you criticise the site? The forums are for diversion and amusement - nothing more. I've been on for almost a year now and yet no one at all is interested. Whether it be girl or guy, I don't find the site in genera to be very conducive to conversation though I agree the site is easy to navigate.Well not that big perhaps an average of 500 words following the guideline suggested by the website. The interface of this website is quite nice I must admit, very simple to navigate.The profile is generic, not too fancy and straight to the point pretty much, most of the important information such as "have kids", "do drugs" are there so it's good. So I scrolled through a couple of profiles and found much of them with similarities as mine, noting that these girls are not model material or anything special, just seem like your average looking girl with a "great personality" according t0 their profile.I am not blaming POF for my rate of success however the community of this network need a little reality check, I've also had some bad experience with the forum community here, I mean I made some suggestions on improving the site, yet I was getting scold by the people because they assumed that I was criticizing the site and insist that I find a better community elsewhere.Conclusion POF is a good site with great potential, however looking for a female to respond to your message is harder than it seems let alone looking for a relationship.

I believe that the site is very easy to use and navigate.

I don't remember where I heard of POF but it's probably from a website somewhere.

Okay the first time that I've join this site I was anticipating to find somebody to meet.

Especially when these girls claimed that they won't read messages like "hey, hi, howru etc." it didn't make a different when I was creative and passionate about their interest.

I've deleted my account and started over again add some new pictures followed the guideline and still had the same result...

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My opinion of POF: it sucks ass if you aren't some hot looking guy.

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