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Perpetrators appear to commit torture without fear of consequences as suggested by the lack of due process reported and heavy scarring left on the bodies of victims; and 6 Torture has had a devastating impact on the survivors whose cases feature in this study: evidence of significant psychological impact was found in all 148 cases, including a high proportion of survivors suffering ongoing symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depression.

SOMERSWORTH — The state has dismissed a blind Connecticut man’s claim that a local bingo operator denied him a ,000 jackpot.

“A culture of torture prevails at all levels in Sri Lanka.

Phillip Vega, who lives in Connecticut, said he was in the area to play bingo with some friends at Seacoast Bingo on 451 High St.

The games are run by local charities and there is a different organization for each of the four days the bingo parlor is open.

During the 30 years of conflict, successive governments used torture as a weapon of fear and destruction.

Since the war ended, torture has been practised openly so that people are aware of it and scared to act outside the set agenda,” the Freedom From Torture report notes, adding, “This culture is deep-rooted and used as a means to push minority groups into submission.” (A Tamil, who is a survivor of torture at the hands of Sri Lankan security forces, displays scarring from cigarette burns on his chest and arms (Photo: Will Baxter)).

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The Freedom From Torture report is based on 148 Sri Lankan torture cases forensically documented by expert doctors in line with the UN Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (known as the ‘Istanbul Protocol’). The Sri Lankan military, police and intelligence services have continued to practise torture – including rape and other forms of sexual torture and extensive burning – in the years of ‘peace’ since the end of the armed conflict; 2.