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Some posit the theory that those with MCS are overloaded with toxins.

I will argue that in 99% of the cases that is absolute nonsense.

And, let’s face it, most people who use the escape approach at best manage to discover some tenuous existence that marginally works, but they aren’t able to go to friend’s houses or to food stores much less to airports, shopping malls, or anywhere else where there might be too many perfumes, chemicals, or EMFs. My point is that the life of the committed MCS sufferer keeps getting smaller and keeps having fewer choices and options. Our health and well-being depend on the quality not only of our physiological state, but also of our social life.Or, if other people can smell the fragrances, at least, those people don’t report being especially bothered by the smells.So, what is it about those with MCS that makes them different?Our facility is available for private receptions and corporate events.For information, please contact: Sally Bond Phone: (313) 831-8700 Email: [email protected] provide the date, type and time of event, the # of attendees, desired furnishings and services required such as catering, bar, and/or audio/visual equipment.

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In downtown Redwood City, a 500,000 square foot cap on office space that was intended to guide development for 20 years was reached in just 6.

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