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Free sex chat wiith random people live

Going back to previous conversations, Yes I was at Grammar school in the late 60's.

I have mentioned before that it was suggested that if we were "uncomfortable' we should get a jockstrap.

I went to the local sports shop and came out with a Litesome, like so many others here.

It did feel strange but very comfortable, if a bit draughty!

On rare occasions that boy might have a sister probably tagging along because they had to! I certainly don't think any other member of staff apart from the swimming master or house master/tutor would have had the slightest interest in watching us boys otherwise.

To Gavin, You said " Yes, some of the boys who had turned 13 did start to resent visitors being present when they were naked." What kind of visitors did you have during your nude swimming classes, were they school staff or others who were visiting to watch?

Considewring that there was quite a big age difference at the school, were the classes separate by age groups or all together? Hi Olderscot, Like you my Ex said they weren't allowed to wear athletic supports until the start of their 3rd year at secondary school.Difficult to get now but are still available via the internet.Olderscot, I heard about the tawse in Scottish schools and how it was used liberally by most teachers, just like you describe.At that point I didn't really know what one was, but I saw an older boy putting one on in the changing rooms before his shorts and I put two and two together.I thought that it must feel weird, but I had to find out.

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I do not know if I woolud have been happy swimming naked in front of strangers let alone my own family Hi, I note some comments regarding jock straps or Athletic supports to give their proper name.

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