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Looking for someone from Sanford who can walk along the shores of Lake Monroe with you? Maybe other sites would let you fend for yourselves, but with Orlando Singles, we provide background checks to weed out criminals, scammers, and married individuals.When you go on a date, you shouldn’t have to worry about meeting the wrong kind of person; we can help you avoid them entirely.We provide our seniors dating services on a completely confidential basis.We will not provide your name to any other member of our service unless and until we have your consent.Orlando Singles is the preeminent dating service for the Orlando, FL region.We’re a company that is built upon the idea that finding companionship and love takes a degree of human insight.Why seniors are LOVING dating Now that you live in the perfect spot in the US, you just need the perfect person to share it with.

This is not our model at Elite Introductions and Matchmaking.Instead, unlike those senior dating sites over 60, we make a personal connection with each individual working with our service.We are not a dating site; we are matchmaking site that carefully works to create the ideal senior match before making arrangements for the initial meeting. It is a year around tropical paradise, and it attracts a lot of seniors.If you are a senior and single, Elite Introductions and Matchmaking is here to assist you in finding a companion and partner with similar values, likes, interests, and enjoyments in life.

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With warm weather year-round, and world-class dining and entertainment, it’s no wonder that people come from all over the United States to live and vacation in Orlando.

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