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The Germans, who effectively control and bankroll the whole single-currency system, acted recklessly by signing on Cyprus — and Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.None of these countries had economic convergence with northern Europe.He believes that if the southern Europeans left the system, after a period of turmoil they might be amazed how quickly they can restore themselves to prosperity, once they can trade in their own heavily devalued currencies.But he has always believed that if, alternatively, the southern Europeans attempt to cling on in the euro, the consequence will be an interminable crisis, with unending austerity imposing huge and perhaps uncontainable social and political strains — riots on the streets.

Trace element analyses of the amphibolites and surrounding extrusives define four lava types.It always appeared absurd for the Germans, who — like the British — obey rules, pay taxes and tell the truth in financial documents, to form a financial union with the southern Europeans, who do none of those things, and are never likely to.Incredibly, there is a real prospect that Silvio Berlusconi will be able to form a new Italian coalition government, even though a string of court verdicts has found him to be a major criminal with a repulsive record of sexual behaviour.The Ayia Varvara Formation is a wedge of amphibole schists and intercalated metasediments within the intensely deformed pre-upper Maastrichtian volcanosedimentary Mamonia Complex.All contacts are steep faults against Upper Triassic transitional to alkaline lavas with reefoidal limestones, subalkaline depleted Troodos-type lavas, and serpentinised harzburgite.

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The Mamonia Complex is interpreted as a passive margin sequence with intra-oceanic islands that was accreted onto a Late Cretaceous north-dipping subduction zone.