Baby boomer dating online

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Baby boomer dating online

Perhaps not surprisingly, finding suitable partners is easier in urban areas than in suburban areas, and far easier than in rural areas.

As shown in the table, 57% of city dwellers who are looking for dates say there is plenty of dating potential in their communities compared with 38% of date-seeking suburbanites and only 21% of date seekers residing in rural settings.

Perhaps more surprisingly, single men said they had been less active daters than single women. Despite the challenges of finding a mate, a majority of American adults have found marriage partners or long-term relationships.

And two-thirds (68%) of those in marriages or in households living as married said they had been in those relationships for longer than five years.

The survey found that dating in America is, indeed, affected by online matchmaking activity.

Single men are more likely than single women to report being so situated.While the survey provides no direct evidence that the internet can take credit for the higher rates of wedlock among its users, it does show that internet date-seeking has become increasingly popular.For goodness sake, ladies, if the man you are out a date with reaches for his wallet and wants to pay for your date, let him.About half (49%) had been on no more than one date in the previous three months.These findings emerge from a national survey conducted last fall by the Pew Internet & American Life Project looking at the place of online dating in the larger picture of relationships in America.

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By the same token, substantially more urbanites who are looking for dates (58%) find it easy to meet people in their communities than do suburbanites and rural residents.

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