How to know if i am dating a loser

Posted by / 21-Feb-2018 08:23

How to know if i am dating a loser

Even thinking about it gives me a massive panic attack. If your partner is still in party animal phase, then it is time to move on and GTFO.

I cannot think of anything worse than waking up at the house of the guy I am dating and being surrounded by sleeping strangers and empty beer bottles.

If you're looking for the real deal, then the person who is constantly sending you memes is not the person for you.

That person is fun to talk to, and they are a good distraction, but will they take care of you when you're sick? Probably not, unless there is an emoji or a meme for that. It was probably more insane that I let him do this (he was a love bomber), but I was so blinded by affection and excited to "move in" with someone I cared about, I didn't realize I was actually just being used and taken advantage of.

In other words, such men are not happy to spend for you. Why date a man who doesn't even show up when you need him the most? If he fails to protect you, he is not a man at all. Never end up with a loser who fails to be on your side in your ups and downs.

When you move closely with other men in your office, he suspects your character.

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