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Sex english examples

Many linguists studying the origins of AAE consider that the differences between this and other varieties of American English are due to its origins as a creole language formed during the time of slavery.Back to list Bidialectalism/bilingualism The ability to speak two dialects or two languages.

This variety is often a target for prejudice and ignorance, but it has also been one of the most extensively studied and discussed varieties of American English.

On the contrary, the English used in the United States differs from region to region, among ethnic and other social groups, and even by age and gender.

As Mac Neil discovers, many people shift from one version of English to another depending on the person they are speaking to and where they are.

Viewing language from such a broad perspective reveals that speaking American means different things to different people and that, because of political and social issues surrounding language, there is no consensus on what speaking American is or should be.

In fact, as we learn in this series, the United States has no official language, although numerous attempts to implement one have been made throughout the country’s history.

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For some, speaking American means adhering to a single “correct” way of using English that guards against onslaughts on the language from various sources.

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