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It has errantly been stated by the Department of Labor that tip pooling must only include employees who customarily and regularly receive tips.

The truth is, however, an employee may include anyone in the sharing of his tips therefore tip pooling may include anyone.

Tips are the sole property of the tipped employee and as such only the tipped employee may determine if tips are used for negotiating lower wages for job applicants.The reason that the Department of Labor has taken such a misguided position is because many employers have errantly been permitted to require that their employees must pool their tips and when employers take such actions there becomes a question of who will or can be included.Anyone should be eligible to be included in the sharing of an employee's tip however when employers are errantly allowed to share their employees tips with other workers the DOL seemingly believes that such arrangements should be regulated by the DOL.Employers are currently requiring that employees who tend to receive higher amounts in tip income directly from customers must share their tips with employees who tend to receive lower amounts in tip income or no tip income at all directly from customers.As a result employers are offering and attaining lower hourly wages for those who they have chosen to include in the sharing of their higher tipped employee's tips.

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