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The claims made in this book are total BS and anyone who wishes to test my statement, by all means, waste your money and read these poems to women in attempts to get them to fall madly "In love" with you in a matter of minutes verses days, weeks or months. It is very over priced at around .00 dollars for what amounts to about 45 pages of poetry with no more influence upon the subconscious motivations as any other form of poetry.You will more often than not be sorely disappointed... Unless you just want a poetry book because you like poetry, I would recommend saving your money and advising others considering this book to do the same.

And it works – think about how many women like soap operas! The goal here is to establish trust between the two of you.Great Job Phil Damon Affluent Coach Author Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist NLP Practicianer I liked it.Kind of wish the breakdown of each poem came with the book!I see nothing wrong with doing that but the man who allows Mr.Billitz to become Cyrano to his Christian will eventually be found out when he must put into words what he cannot because he has not immersed himself deeply enough within himself to discover the simple yet profound "poetry" of his own feelings. We don't have to be Pablo Neruda or Gabriel Garcia Marquez but only a man who looks at a woman and sees something that no other man has or could.

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