Dating scam jim alex Online sex chat

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Dating scam jim alex

Johnson recommends you never accept a check or enter into an arrangement that requires you to make an initial payment in order to receive a check.And if possible, he said, wait a few days after depositing a check before using those funds.Angie, who asked us not to use her last name, posted a free profile on Seeking, a site that promises to hook up "Sugar Daddies" or "Sugar Mommas" with "Sugar Babies." Angie, 30, said she heard about the site from a friend.It was tempting, she said, because she was tired of going on dates with immature men and she could use some extra cash.

In between some sweet talk, more checks were deposited into her account and Angie followed Steven's instructions -- which were peppered with comments about buying Angie a new car and paying off her ,000 in student loans -- on how to send the funds to his secretary's account.To boost Angie's confidence, Steven sent her a copy of his driver's license.It looked real and matched the information he had given her, Angie said.He needed her to send 0 via Moneygram to his niece, who supposedly had an accident and needed emergency medical attention."At this point I knew something was up and I changed all of my account info and simply said I wasn't able to transfer money at that time," Angie said.

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In all, Steven deposited -- and Angie sent out -- $4,670.