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It’s a big consideration in a DVR, especially for mobile or offline use.

XFINITY excels with 163,000 on-demand titles, 90% of which are free; to compare, DISH has 93K and DIRECTV has 41K .

But the X1’s 500 GB translates to 60 hours of HD programming (300 hours if you don’t mind SD quality).I use a TIVO Premiere in Garden State, NJ system and I have noticed that channels have not been added so quickly anymore. Comcast just reports to the guide companies that xxx channel will be added on yyy date...They did finally add the 4 new Music channels but not channel 2 or channel 788 for ME TV Delaware channel. Tivo just downloads the guide from their provider..should still have access to the channels as Ti Vo requires a cable card for digital cable, the card automatically pulls the channel map from Comcast, which is the same map your Comcast box gets...We like playing music from Pandora (or one the many music channels) while we’re doing chores.Most of these features are ready to go on your phone or tablet, too, or to meet up with you at work via your laptop or desktop computer. Blank TV screens can suck up the energy in a room, but the X1 has rotating images (nature landscapes, animals, etc.) that keep your space looking vibrant.

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For an extra touch of hominess or customization, you can link your Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr accounts to the X1 to work as a screensaver as well.

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