Christine akiteng dating your ex review

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Christine akiteng dating your ex review

There's the cliché image of someone going through a breakup who locks themselves away for weeks on end, lying on their couch in their pajamas eating junk food all day long.Unfortunately this scenario is true for a number of people, and is the worst thing you can do.

By following the advice you'll have a better perspective on whether you should try and get back together with your ex, as well as increase our chances of getting them back.As Ryan talks about in this book, they're making decisions in a highly emotional state, which is almost always a mistake.So this book is mostly useful for you if you're really struggling emotionally with the breakup, worried that you can't live without the other person and desperate to do anything to get them back.There's some solid advice on how to stay positive and motivated to get on with things, even if some of the advice is a bit generalized.For example, you're told that the moment you get over your fear of losing your ex is the moment you'll get them back.

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The book does address a number of different reasons why you might have broken up, but it doesn't give advice that's tailored to these situations.