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Once the first happy couple was matched, all the friends and the friends of friends ;-) rushed in willing to take their chances in search of love, marriage and happiness.

And this is how, without loud advertisements or professional help, Slavic Girl marriage agency started growing fast from a small friendly team of just a couple of people to a big family of professionals in different languages and spheres as we are now.

While you are reading this there must be many thoughts crossing your mind…this genuine? Our agency was born not as a business idea or economical aim.

We are ready to open you our secrets of successful work and hundreds of happy couples on our account!

All messages between Confide users are end-to-end encrypted. Screenshots have the potential of making the impermanent permanent.

Encryption keys are generated locally on each device and the private key never leaves the device, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read your messages. We delete them from our servers and wipe them from the device. Confide prevents screenshots with our patent-pending Screen Shield technology.

Yet if you read this, you have a purpose, hope and decisiveness to cross the finish line.

I hang out here every day and I meet new kids that are very similar to me.

Like text, all photos, videos, documents and voice messages are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-proof.

Communicate in whatever format you’d like, without leaving a copy behind.

We have all sent messages we wish we could take back. Whether it’s a problem, question or suggestion, you’ll jump to the front of the queue with priority customer support.

Message retraction allows you to retract (or “un-send”) unread messages. Confide is available for Mac, PC, i Phone, i Pad, and Android and allows you to stay connected at your desk or on the go.

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