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Lynton had some other chocolaty thing that looked equally as delicious.Out front of the cafe hanging high on a post is a bicycle to encourage packs of bike riders to call in for a coffee and earlier that morning there were many.We sat outside and discussed many things such as our health, of which mine was excellent and our finances which we all decided we could do with an extra million or two more.Lyn then decided we had to adjourn to Tupelo Grove Nursery, just three minutes away, so she could buy some plants for her new garden bed. It was a higher car, oops hire car and it reminded me of my grandfather’s wing-back chair, quite soft and you weren’t sure what was happening under the seat of your pants. I remember the first boxy Volvo car I drove in the early ‘80s, a 264.Of course it’s not only limited to older drivers ... Turning the key, yes it has one of those too, the six pistons jump into life and what a lovely sound it makes. So enjoy your old, non-digital, piece of driving history, ‘cos, if you live long enough it might not be possible.

Here is how to make a tool by using a 3/4" cut off section of a tube spanner and a piece of 3/4" by 3/16" steel bar 11.75" long. While on the outside you notice it is windowless but as you step inside you can see outside for 360 degrees. No, but the numbers in your bank account will be adjusted by the time the bottom of your pants touch the seat. Cars are becoming more and more automated and driverless car are just around the corner.The speed limits have been reduced from 100 kph to 80 in the Adelaide Hills and 60 kph will be here soon at a road near you (for your safety of course).We wiggled our way into Bridgewater and headed toward Verdun, Hahndorf and finally arriving at the quaint little village of Mylor.The Harvest Cafe was our destination for coffee and an almond croissant.

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While I may experience driverless cars in the near future, I may not live long enough to experience windowless, handleless vehicles with wrap around screens in the inside and automatic payment.