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“OUT,” a leading pro-sodomy publication, gives its opinion of the previously mentioned book, Sister and Brother…a book about so-called “gay” men and “lesbian” woman sleeping together: “Compiled by two of our most noted cultural historians; this rich anthology ponders the inextricable and complex bond between lesbians and gay men.

In 30 essays by writers both known and new, tales unfold of remarkable friendships that are sometimes adversarial, sometimes romantic, and more than occasionally, sexual.” The Lambda Book Report, a leading pro-sodomy publication gives its take: “In private, of course, the lives of many gay men and lesbians have always overlapped, as the stories collected in Sister and Brother attest…They have been allies at work, siblings in families, partners in community affairs, business, and parenting.

His final effort, co-edited with lesbian historian Joan Nestle, is original and an absolute must-read.

Analyzing excerpts from Bernard and Bia’s essays will shed further light.

Bia begins, “How can I explain to my mother…How can I tell her, without her thrilling to false hopes, that, having loved a man, having mated with a man, I know I could still?

Pro-sodomy activist Amber Hollibaugh states: “it’s very controversial, to talk about having sex with men” in her book Dyke Life.

Not only is the second coming out controversial, ex-“gays” will often face hostility and discrimination.

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Many of the books selected this year defy the breakdown into either gay male or lesbian–or, for that matter, into simple dichotomies of gay and straight.

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