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Posted by / 27-Apr-2017 22:27

Starmate sirius problem updating stations

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Two calls into it and they say that the unit is out of warranty and needs to be replaced. I probably just jinxed my self, but, I have had the same radio since 2003, I quit paying subscription on it in 2004 when I got my new pick up with Sirius in it, it STILL works, I use it in the garage.......

I called the number and they tried sending out an activation signal twice with no success and then transferred me to tech support.

They tried sending the signal again with no success and after a minute of silence determined that my radio is defective and out of warranty so I will need to buy a new one.

This time after not hearing any audio for a few minutes I check the display and it says, " Call Sirius to Subscribe".

The only channels available are the 000 SID channel and the 184 please call to subscribe message.

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I tried tech support and they refused to help me because the radio was not under warranty.