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With a unique expertise cultivated over 60 years of experience in Korea, our staff is well equipped to guide your family through the process, anticipate needs and overcome obstacles, and predict the timeframes from application to home.

Children eligible for international adoption will have at least some medical conditions noted in their medical file that are not considered "special needs" in the U. Families who apply to adopt from Korea will be matched with a child who has at least one noted medical condition that has either already resolved by time of match with a family or is under follow up and not considered a major medical concern.

I dig this site for providing a great mix of accents.

It’s not just native speakers chatting; you won’t find any cheesy dialogues like “Angus and Jeremy compare Scottish and American holidays!

The sound clips have pre and post-listening exercises, and comprehension questions too.

Most of the content would suit low-to-high intermediate students, but there are some resources for beginners and advanced learners too. Takako’s Great Adventure – This site hosts one of my favorite listening-based lessons: a 10-part story of a Japanese girl’s adventure in Canada when a man claiming to be her pen pal’s uncle meets her at the airport. Each installment has vocabulary and comprehension questions.

This is a smart practice in my books, as in many situations English functions as the lingua franca of the world. TEFL Tunes – This is a bank of song-based lessons, with an easy browser where teachers can search by level, theme, artist or grammatical point.

The majority of these resources are for ESL teachers, but some would be helpful for ESL students as well. English Language Centre Study Zone – This site, from the University of Victoria, has clear, concise grammar lessons.

Readings come with interactive comprehension questions and tasks. English Grammar in Use – If you ask me, Raymond Murphy’s grammar texts for ESL learners are damn near perfect; they have clear explanations, lots of practice exercises, and are thorough. – This resource of printable worksheets is great for teaching new vocabulary.

At the beginning of November, to kick off National Adoption Month, we shared a collage of all the children on our waiting child photolisting — just a small glimpse of the hundreds of children who we are ...

That’s when I hit the internet, hunting for worksheets and activities to keep my students busy.

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