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“It was not fun,” he said, “and they were really long dates.Eight minutes is a long time to cold-talk to somebody!If we keep getting to go to conventions for free and help people, we’re game on. We’re just here to do a good job, and have fun.”Glitch hopes that tonight’s special will gather enough interest to make the show a series. The thing these people all have in common is that they’re really passionate about the thing they’re into.To those that are skeptical about him exploiting “geeks”, he responds by saying:“Everybody is looking for that special someone. Even if they don’t like the same stuff, they’ve got a huge passion they can build from." one has to wonder if the "geek acceptance cause" wasn't just set back ten years.

Maybe they're thinking about arriving in time to secure a place in line to get their favorite star's autograph, or hoping to score a good deal on rare merchandise.

a one-hour special called Geek Love aired on TLC, showing off speed-dating at the New York Comic Con.

The participants endeared themselves to me in just that short time, and I expressed hope for a full-fledged series of con speed-dating escapades – and this year I get my wish.

A new show, "Geek Love", will premiere on December 18 in America on TLC.

The show will focus on people who attend Ryan Glitch's Sci Fi Speed Dating events at conventions.

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On the one hand, the premise of the show itself isn't a bad one.

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