Alyson hannigan dating alexis

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Alyson hannigan dating alexis

Willow went from a shy, stammering outcast to an all-powerful witch in "Buffy," and Wesley’s transformation has been just as dramatic (but with less special effects).While introducing Denisof to press during an on-set party for the 100th episode of "Angel" (set for February), Whedon said, "He’s transitioned from ridiculous, poncy moron to kind of a cool guy ...He’s currently scheduled for episode 11, "Damage," set to air later this month.Despite constant speculation, a visit from Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) to "Angel" is looking all but impossible this year. She can show up, but I’d be pretty surprised if she does." So, fans are starting to talk about why Willow hasn’t dropped by yet.

Denisof guest-starred as stuffy British Watcher Wesley Wyndham-Pryce."I don’t want to see him smooching," Hannigan says."It was already weird when we were engaged and dating.." At this, he paused and leaned forward for emphasis, "on the show." Everybody laughed, including Denisof."Wesley’s always been a surprise to me," he says, "and that’s a credit to Joss and the writers.

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In a move that no doubt put married men everywhere to shame, Alexis Denisof proposed a second time to wife Alyson Hannigan on July 28, even giving her a glorious solitaire diamond ring to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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