Catholic dating a hindu

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Catholic dating a hindu

iam shocked seein the comments posted hear....n truly disappointed with the attitude of Christians towards people followin other faith....a Hindu...n Jesus came in my dreams n spoke to me ...Jesus never had a prob wiht me being a Hindu...of u r speakin abt a lot of faith..Christianity believes in one God, Hinduism worships about everything that walks crawls flys or christianity God is a person more then a spiritual atmospherehinduism however they believe in personifications sees divinty more as a energy that is all.demons are birthed out of that bad karma good spirits out of good karma.

I also read with great disappointment at some of the replies, particularly one that states Hindus worship anything that flies, crawls, walks etc...

There are many christains who are not as fortunate as you are. They may say things which may seem to be offensive and painful to you. well Afterall chritianity is primarily a matter of heart and a very personal God.

designnations liek Christians, Hnidu, Muslim etc r al manmade...check ur blood it has the same basic compostion in evry corner of the world...rituals sacrifices n norms hold no position if u don learn to understnad the love of God..for every lil creation born on this earth...which are His creations...

Pray for the man,maybe be his friend,maybe he will find God and maybe someday he will not be unequally yoked.

Just make sure the conversion is real and not just made in an attempt to get you to marry him. If I met a man, even though he is handsome, and he told me that he was Hindu, I would try to bring him to Christ instead of dating him.

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I am a 24 year old Christian woman in love with a 27 year old Hindu guy and wish to marry him. Christian part of the family would like to see that the new family follows christian social customs.

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