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And he and I are both scuba divers,' said Michael (pictured earlier this month)‘If I haven’t by now, then I probably won’t,’ he says carefully. but there’s too much chance of an accident happening.I think a lot of the time guns in the house can cause more trouble than it’s worth.The two met in September 1998 at a private screening of "Zorro," after Douglas asked Antonio Banderas to introduce them.Even with a 25-year age difference they hit it off, and on New Year's Eve in 1999 Michael proposed - with a 10-carat diamond ring!Because then there would be something positive to come out of it. Zeta-Jones, 25-Year Age Difference" data-description="The eldest son of actor Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas was born in 1944 in New Brunswick, New Jersey." data-imageurl="https:// Zeta Jones_Michael Douglas-e1370027972440.jpg" data-url="https:// eldest son of actor Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas was born in 1944 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.Zeta-Jones jumped on the Hollywood radar in the 1998 action film The Mask of Zorro and in the 1999 film Entrapment.Since then, she has appeared most notably in the films Traffic, America’s Sweethearts, and Chicago.

They started dating a few months later in March 1999.

The only problem is, as you well know, we’re all in the public eye, and it tends to get a little more exposed than most.” But all the work seems to have paid off. It’s a good thing he visited the show this week, too.

Douglas tells De Generes that her staff backstage congratulated him on his upcoming 15th wedding anniversary – saving him from some embarrassment with his wife, as he thought it was their 14th.

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Michael Douglas Shaw is currently dating Jaimee Foxworth.

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"As soon as I met Catherine, I told her I wanted to have babies with her," Douglas claimed, "and the moment I found out she had the same birthday as me - ta dah!

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