Dating furniture willow

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The character Bodger from Bodger and Badger name derives from bodging and is himself involved in handiwork.Sell Antiques Promote your stock and antiques business location on this site...

Bodgers were highly skilled itinerant wood-turners, who worked in the beech woods of the Chiltern Hills.

The largest consumer of the day was the High Wycombe Windsor chair industry.

There were traditionally two other types of craftsmen involved in the construction of a Windsor chair, there was the benchman who worked in a workshop and would produce the seats, backsplats and other sawn parts.

Chair legs would be stored in piles until the quota (usually a gross of legs and the requisite stretchers) was complete.

The bodger would then take their work to one of the large chair-making centres.

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A "bodge", like its cognates kludge and fudge, is serviceable: a "botched" job most certainly is not. Bodger is the name of a dog in The Incredible Journey.