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Web text chat with hot aunties

‘Ian came over to me and said: “I think it’s a girl, it’s not a boy” and I said: “What on earth makes you think that?

” and he told me Matt’s auntie had said: “I hope she behaves herself,” before driving off.

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I would have been absolutely mortified if there had been any touching.’‘Then, they turned round and said: “I hope you have been a good girl, Chloe,” and I felt physically sick and incredibly foolish. I went back to our car and said: “Oh my God, Ian, Emily, it’s a definitely a girl,” and that’s when Emily’s world fell apart.’Emily continues: ‘I burst into tears, saying: “No, it can’t be,” because I still loved this person.

I just didn’t want to believe it, because you can’t go straight from loving someone to hating them.

This time Emily’s father Ian, 47, a driver, took her to the station to meet Matt, who was dropped off by car by his grandmother and auntie.But by then, Julia and Ian were becoming more convinced that Matt really was a girl. We couldn’t just abandon her or turf her out because she was only 15 and her gran wasn’t due to pick her up until 6pm.Even though I was upset, angry, annoyed, I felt responsible for her.I can only get a girl, not a boy.” Her eczema flared up so badly, her school thought she was self-harming because she’d scratched her skin raw.’When the Mail spoke to Chloe/Matt’s 76-year-old grandmother, with whom the teenager lives, she said Chloe had been deeply affected by her grandfather’s death in 2009, which had triggered an episode of deep depression.‘Since all this happened, Chloe is being treated for depression and is now doing well again,’ said the grandmother, who admits she is not computer literate and therefore had no idea that Chloe was — and still is — posing on internet chatrooms as a boy.Whats App recently added a number of new features to its i OS and Android apps.

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Emily and her mother have agreed to speak out to warn other girls of the dangers of being taken in by fake internet profiles, even when parents do everything in their power to protect their children from harm.

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