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According to this morning’s press release, the concept was developed by Polyvore Labs, an internal Yahoo incubator, and tested with Tumblr’s core teenage audience.

It feels like the tech world’s version of a backdoor pilot; a Yahoo (or Altaba? ) initiative Frankensteined onto its most colorful, youthful brand.

Nagy and Colts General Manager Chris Ballard worked together with the Kansas City Chiefs before Ballard joined the Colts a year ago.

In addition, users can only add friends via searching for their Cabana user name, or by having their phone number in their contacts — there’s no integration with Tumblr’s existing messaging features or friends lists, as of now.

Tumblr — the charming, quirky, semi-struggling social network owned by Yahoo — launched a new video-chat app this morning.

It’s called Cabana, and with it, you and your friends can form a virtual room, fill it up, and hang out — or watch web videos together in real time.

“Pace landed him by convincing him sunny days are ahead for the Bears.”— David Kaplan (@thekapman) January 9, 2018Nagy on Colts opening and choosing Bears: "It was just a feel, and I just know where we're at here, it felt good.

No slight to Indianapolis, they have a great team, great things are going to happen, and this is just the way it went." @[email protected]— Larry Hawley (@Hawley Sports) January 9, 2018Matt Nagy on Chris Ballard and the #Colts job: "Chris and I have a good relationship away from football, being with the Chiefs together. I think he’s going to do a great job there in Indianapolis.

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Chicago believes it has its quarterback of the future in Mitch Trubisky, while the Colts hope Andrew Luck returns to full strength in 2018.

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