Northern michigan university dating

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Northern michigan university dating

He also mapped all known American Indian trails and river portages in the county, plus burial sites.

A Jackson County map in Hinsdale’s atlas plots the general location of all of the villages.

Spear points from this era tend to be notched or stemmed.

Finally, the Woodland period saw more movement toward agriculture, with the cultivation of corn, beans and squash. Wymer has found artifacts from each of these eras in Jackson County.

They include spearheads, arrowheads, pottery fragments, knives, scraping tools, drills, engraving tools, axes, fire-cracked rock and even musket flints from more recent times.

While they were eating, one of the mothers left her small child on a cradle board leaning against a tree unattended.“At that time it was common practice to let pigs run loose on farms so they could forage for their own food.However, his lifelong passion has been prehistoric archaeology in south-central Michigan — especially Jackson County.Wymer has collected thousands of artifacts from more than 300 local sites.“One of the first things people ask me is, ‘What tribe made that arrowhead? The answer invites a review of Jackson County’s Indian history — not the short history, but the long story.“As I became an adult and studied in college, I developed broader interests.My interest broadened more from the picking up of artifacts to the people — their way of life.”In a May 15, 2000, letter to the YMCA’s Camp Storer on Stony Lake, Wymer summarized the significance of the camp and lake:“I have personally found hundreds of artifacts on the campsites and hunting grounds surrounding Stony Lake and the extensive wetlands that adjoin the lake.

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