Optical dating a non specialist review kean cipriano and alex gonzaga dating

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Optical dating a non specialist review

Après une présentation des principes physiques généraux, les procédures mises en œuvre aussi bien sur le terrain qu’en laboratoire sont abordées, à partir de l’exemple des analyses réalisées sur des alluvions sableuses issues d’une basse terrasse de la Moselle.

Most of the publications actually focus on one part of either the method (, laboratory procedures, statistical treatment) or its applications, and available general literature for non-specialists is still uncommon.

Some of the traps are considered ‘unstable’ (“shallow traps”), which means that an electron inside will not remain trapped for the whole duration of burial.

On the contrary, defects situated deeper inside the lattice have a higher thermal lifetime.

The recombination generates the emission of light (the luminescence signal) which can be measured in laboratory through heating (for TL) or through light stimulation for OSL (Huntley ., 1985).

The intensity of the signal is proportional to the amount of released electrons.

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Luminescence methods (TL and OSL) are based on the estimation of the impact of radiation on the crystalline structure of minerals while they are shielded from light (Aitken, 1985; Wintle, 1997; Aitken, 1998; Duller, 2004; Vandenberghe, 2004).

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