Zoe tapper dating

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Zoe tapper dating

I was immediately intrigued and thought, I've got to go and see this woman'." So she also visited medium number two.

And, like Fywell, she heard things nobody could have know: detailed facts about her family and about past events in her life.

Today there are only a few skateboarders rolling around its grafitti-daubed cracks but in the world of Demons you are more likely to encounter fictional nasties, people like Redlip, Pyromancer or the devilish Gladiolus Thrip, played with relish by Mackenzie Crook.

Demons also re-unites Tapper with the producers of Hex, the fantasy series broadcast on Sky which has proved such an extraordinary nursery for British-based acting talent.

"We were filming for four months and I got very used to not looking people in the eye," she says.

Several scenes were filmed in the brutalist folds of the South Bank complex we are sitting in now.

But in Affinity it's not about sex, even though there is a lesbian relationship, it's about the women's spirituality, and about their repression." Given their focus, the novels do necessarily feature strong female characters.

Affinity is a story about the repression of desire rather than its expression.

"People do jump onto the lesbian side of things," Tapper sighs.

Fingersmith put Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins in the spotlight and Tapper is well aware that she and co-star Anna Madeley have been blessed with a similar opportunity.

"I'm shocked at the imbalance between the good roles for men and good roles for women," she says.

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You just don't come across them that often." In fact, Zoe Tapper doesn't need a spirit medium to tell her she has a bright future.