Rainie and mike dating

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Mike and Rainie has amazing on screen and off screen chemistry and they might have feelings for each other - but of course being in showbiz, you can't just act on your feelings.

Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have been dating for a year plus and their relationship is getting more and more stable.

Andy Chang (張世明), JPM’s manager explained that though good friends, Rainie and Prince were heading to Hawaii, they were not alone but with another 4 friends.

Andy added that if the two friends become lovers, he would not disapprove of their relationship, which dispels the rumor that the members of JPM were not allowed to date.

Andy brushed the rumor away, saying that it was Sony Music’s intention for the boy band to focus on love songs.

Late last year, Prince was seen taking a taxi to Rainie’s house in the middle of the night, leaving after 9 hours.

Even though JPM mentioned in an earlier interview that the trio will embark on a holiday together in the United States, what reporters saw was not the case.

Instead, JPM’s Lil Jay and Prince’s younger brother, Modi, were seen heading for Houston with Blackie Chen (陳建州) to catch the NBA basketball celebrities tournament while Prince and Rainie were taking a flight out to Hawaii., was written for a secret lover in the entertainment industry.

She moved to Taiwan and pursued her acting career as she lived with her co-band members under one roof.

J, you know that 2 of you are the most perferfect love team i ever seen, so please make some drama again, we are here everyday,everymonth, every Year, waiting for yor drama, and i thought too that 2 of you have an relationship because 2 of you are prfect match :-)(-: She's my fave actress beside Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin~ Her acting is awesome!

She managed to play different kinds of characters and gave new vibe to it! I love her character as Chen Baozhu.looks really2x cool in her character the same with Show Lou as Lin Da Lung..

However, l think ever since Hi My Sweetheart, her recent dramas aren't not as big. She is really amazing in everything, i like her because she is very good in acting, singing, and dancing.. I collect your dramas in dvd, photos and music video with Show Lou..

She is really amazing in everything, i really like her because she is really good in acting, singing, and dancing.. I collect your dramas in dvd, photos and music video with Show Lou..

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Their romance rumours surfaced again when Rainie recently took the time off from her concert preparation to film a commercial with Show.

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