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Similarly, Chiwetel mother was a pharmacist whose name is Obiajulu.

Currently, his sister named Zain Asher is associated within CNN correspondent and achieving success into it.

During the very first time he was offered for the film Amistad and he was assigned with the character as James Covey.

Chiwetel parents were originally belonging from Igbo origin and his father was a doctor whose name is Arinze.

Ejiofor got into affair with Sari Mercer who is a Canadian actress as well as model by her profession.

They were having a healthy dating but that did not last for a long time.

Similarly, in the year 1996 as well he made his official debut in the film named Deadly Voyage.

After his engagement in National Youth Theatre he started achieving success in the industry and he is also the scholarship holder within London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts during the very early time while he was just 19 years old in his age.

Being a good friend of Benedict Cumberbatch who is also an actor shares his every of the stuff as well as he is also the best friend of Idris Elba and from the past 20 years they are having a very good bonding.

Chiwetel seems like he is searching for a good partner whom he can have a healthy dating and later can mention as his wife but by now reviewing his bio he seems single and no any rumors of his dating. He loves travelling with his sister in free time and he is loves tasting new dishes as well as learns to cook it.

He is totally against the fact of gay people hiding their identity and sexuality.

He claims that LGBT people have difficulty to survive in Hollywood as there is a lack of quality.

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We just, in our end, just carry on trying to sort of produce the work, or the best work we can do, and hope that at their end they find a way of getting that to as many people...

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