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Bilhorod dnistrovskyi dating

The castle was perfectly situated in a strategic transport crossroad in Podolia, which made it a very desirable location for everyone in the area.

From 1434 until it was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1793, the castle played a significant role in the defense against the Cossack, Ottoman, and Tatar invasions, with the castle being attacked by Tatar hordes 51 times between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The town is in the historic region of Podolia, which lies in the western part of Ukraine.

The history of the castle is long, complicated, and truly fascinating.

They renamed it Akkerman (the White Fortress) and maintained control of the fortress for over three-hundred years until the Russian Empire claimed it in the 19th century after victory in the Russo – Turkish War.

Eventually, the fortress became less and less important as a defensive outpost and now, it has been controlled by the Ukrainian state for over a century.

Only around a hundred and fifty years later, the castle was renovated yet again.It is truly a mesmerizing place that can keep you fascinated all day long.It sits in the northern portion of the historical northern Bessarabia region, which was split between Ukraine and Moldova in 1940.He also added the eastern wall as well as the underground gallery.These many renovations were necessary because the castle often found itself the victim of invaders.

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The fortress was rebuilt in 1250-1264 when Prince Danylo of Halych , and his son Lev, added a half metre to the walls, built a 6 metre wide moat around the grounds, and added new military buildings in the northern part of the fortress.

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