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has come and gone and, as usual, it did not disappoint.

Once again, our hero, Elliot, has used his extraordinary intellect and hacking skills to awe and inspire us.

Another possibility is that when the system rebooted or the keyboard was disconnected, Elliot could connect to the laptop as it is a clone of the cop's keyboard.

In either case, it would take more time than Elliot had in this episode to hack the cop's Bluetooth keyboard.

In the final step, Elliot uses the cop's hacked computer to upload malware via FTP that will give him control of the prison cell doors.

As expected, a dimwitted corrections officer does pick one up and inserts it into his computer.

Before the disabling of the automatic autorun feature on modern operating systems, you could have an EXE file on the flash drive that would automatically execute. We might assume that this machine had the autorun feature enabled or, more likely, Darlene had installed the malware on a flash drive that has been reprogrammed to emulate a USB keyboard.

When the flash drive is installed on the system, the operating system then recognizes the flash drive as a USB keyboard, giving it access with the rights of the logged in user and then injects its malicious code into the operating system.

As a result, Elliot has to attempt some less-than-optimal techniques to try to hack Vera out of jail to save the lovely Shayla (as you remember, Shayla is also his morphine supplier).

In his first attempt to hack the jail, Elliot has Darlene, his friend and nemesis from f/society, "accidentally" drop infected flash drives outside the jail.

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