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Freesexcams com

Many earn ad revenue – about million to date for the type-in traffic coming to the domains I own.And, that is why I've never been anxious to sell my assets, but I am very interested in folks with bigger ideas.I am interested in people who want to accomplish bigger and greater things in life, who think big.

I have not parted with a domain name for less than 0,000 in 15 years as values continue to soar.They Re-Branded from Event Want to see more of my sales? The first was written before anyone took domains and online seriously. I blogged about domain names and their importance for 10 years before the term even became common.These kind of deals are regularly documented in domain industry journals and media, including this article in The Domains. Most of the thoughts expressed there were written back in the mid to late 1990s. The second version was a Paris early flash presentation. This is a collection 1325 posts of all the thoughts I can remember, from day one."If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy-to-Spell and Brandable Web Address . many millions invested in meaningful domain names via revenue generated by those domain names since 1995, when few saw the need, the importance, the reason or the value! you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on and off the Internet as this century progresses." …

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With thousands of domain names still to be developed and no age limit, I hope to eclipse even Tiger Woods in the next few years. These domains are expected to produce "Generational Wealth".

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