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A flash of red cape, the S sitting proudly on the chest, the warrior of Truth, Justice and the American Way, Superman has always been the most recognisable and iconic of all the superheroes.

After many changes on-screen over the years from the All-American hero in the 1978 movie to the recent darker and moodier version, you'd be hard pressed to go anywhere on the planet and find somebody who had never heard of the Man of Steel.

But what made this show, and what stands the testament of time are its characters, who embody the best traits of every version there had been up until that point.

She led rather than followed and was a force to be reckoned with, holding her own as a total equal alongside Clark/Superman - a feat that could have been extremely difficult given the overarching distraction of the man in the cape.

Its mixture of mystery, banter and light-heartedness made it the ultimate show for those who enjoy their heroes with a side of fun.

And it was fun, silly and fun and often over the top and ridiculous.

Throw in an exploding space rocket and Lex Luthor staring out a Corba (it’s a thing everybody has to see at least once, it is truly magnificent) and you have an exciting, fun and well-paced opener.

It could be so easy to get bogged down with character introduction, the re-telling of Clark’s arrival on Earth as a baby and setting up the remainder of the series but the writers really ticked all the right boxes with this episode and instead we got Perry White's Elvis stories and Clark Kent creating his suit with his mum to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A Hero – sheer TV perfection.

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The final season ended on a forever unresolved cliffhanger.

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