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Half way along this piece of “string” a second piece of material joined and this disappeared quickly into those perfect bum cheeks.

The click of her heels added to the sexual atmosphere.

“Shut your mouth,” her fingers raised my lower jaw to meet my upper jaw, “and kiss me please.”She lifted her head towards mine and I lowered mine to meet hers. Her eyes were closed as she savoured me and I closed mine to maximise the touch.

I then felt her arms around my neck, trying to pull our mouths even closer together.

She carefully lowered my boxers further until my cock was free, and it popped forward, although not far as I had the hardest erection I have ever had.

Helene leaned forward and gave the head a quick kiss before lowering my boxers further to free my balls as well.

We kissed like this for what seemed like ages but probably wasn't.

It didn’t take long for the head of my cock to appear.“Wonderful,” she said.Tonight despite teasing you, you have remained a gentleman and didn't seem to expect anything in return, and you shared your jacket with me on the way home.You have shown me great respect and I really appreciate that.”I think I may have nodded at this point but I was still mesmerized by her beauty.You are still fully dressed.”“Well you better do something about it then,” I said.She looked up at me and her hands reached up to my shirt buttons. Her hands slid down my trouser legs until she reached my feet. I did so and she removed my shoe and sock, and then she did the same with my other foot, placing both shoes with socks tucked in carefully at the side.

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My hands found their way to her slender hips and she moaned into my mouth.

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